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IT Security

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IT security or information security (IS) is the set of technical, organizational, legal, and human resources necessary for the implementation of means to prevent the unauthorized use, misuse, alteration or diversion of the information system.

Several measures must be put in place to ensure that hardware or software organization resources are only used in the planned framework. IT security has the following objectives:

Identification of the authorized users

Information security according to the permitted access and blocking of unwanted access

Accessibility according to the business hours determined without any downtime

Accurate and complete information

Responsibility of users versus their actions or no third party ownership of another’s actions

Traces of access preserved and usable

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IT Security

Achieve your security objectives

At Groupe Access, we offer several services to help you to achieve your security objectives, among others:
  • Failover 3G / 4G
  • Monitoring 24/7 on LAN – X
  • Security as a Service (SaaS)
  • Security Audit
  • Physical Intrusive Test
  • Risk Analysis
  • Virtualization and VMWare/Hyper-V increased availability
  • Local virtual machine and off-site data replication
  • E-mail Continuity Service
  • Planning and implementation of Continuité des Affaires and prevention tests
  • Consultation and verification of existing after grim times solutions
  • The hosted email anti-spam protection
  • Management, control, and automation of equipment for users
  • Comprehensive security services management
  • Protection and data recovery

Groupe Access holds several professional/certified As well as a comprehensive portfolio of IT security products:

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