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Speed And Reliability Are Of Crucial Importance

In the business environment of today, the speed and reliability of Internet connectivity and communications are of crucial importance to carry out its business. Groupe Access offers the best technology for Internet connections and direct communication to business locations throughout the world.


The establishment of a network aware of the latest technology allows your human and intellectual resources to operate at an optimum level of productivity and efficiency while supporting business growth.

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Connectivity As A Service (CAAS)

Groupe Access will help you to connect all your sites together or by a point to point solution or by connecting your branches to your VPN MPLS network with our leased lines or Ethernet connections. We can connect your offices worldwide with major Internet service providers.

Multi Office MPLS Connection

Using MPLS to carry almost any type of traffic, such as voice or IPv4 packets, IPv6 and even Ethernet or ATM frames. This protocol has evolved to provide a unified data transport service for customers using packet switching technique.

24/7 Monitors Services on LAN-X

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is a technology for bringing high-bandwidth information to homes and small businesses over ordinary copper telephone lines.

Wireless 5/10/100/1000 LAN-X / Internet

3G/4G Failover

We install 3G/4G Failover Wireless to allow you to continue in case of network outage activities. 3G/4G Failover Wireless is an automated service where a standard wired connection is switched to a redundant wireless connection in case of failure or irregular closure of the main cable connection or component in the network such as a router , server or computer.

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